Don’t turn a famous Revolutionary War site into an IHOP restaurant

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I’m lucky to live near one of the most exciting Revolutionary war sites in our country’s history. It’s called the Fishkill Supply Depot and it played a major role in the Continental Army’s success during our nation’s fight for independence from the British Empire. It’s also one of the only war sites that has yet to be completely explored, researched, and preserved.

Fishkill’s supply depot was the largest and busiest in the colonies. Many of our country’s founding heroes like George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay spent time there. It operated from 1776 to 1783 and served a variety of purposes from supplying food for troops, to manufacturing boats and swords. At any given time, it was a camp for up to 2000 Continental Army soldiers. It also housed British and Tory prisoners of war. A large number of Revolutionary War soldiers may still be buried on site -- according to a ground-penetrating radar survey -- which would make it one of (if not) the largest Revolutionary War cemetery in the U.S.

The site is already listed on the National Register of Historic Places -- but that designation has not ensured its protection from overzealous developers. In fact, much of the supply depot land has already been lost to commercial development. Only the Van Wyck Homestead, which served as a command center for military leaders during the war remains -- as a small museum.

And now, developers want to turn the remaining supply depot land (burial site included) into an IHOP and other various retail outlets. This is outrageous and insulting to our country’s history and the patriots who fought for our freedom and independence.

If you agree that preserving America’s last great Revolutionary war site is more valuable to our children and future than another Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity breakfast franchise -- then help us stop the bulldozers by signing our petition today.

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