Please sign this petition letting our state and federal "leadership" know how you feel about their despicable actions. 

Dr. Suzanne (Doc Sue) Sisley, a former faculty member and researcher at The University of Arizona, was informed that her positions would not be renewed last year, likely a result of her proposed federally approved research into the treatment of post traumatic stress with medical grade marijuana. On July 28th, 2014 they denied her appeal for reinstatement. As veterans diagnosed with PTSD who have proudly served our country, we are outraged that the state of Arizona has continuously placed politics before the care of our Nation's Veterans. This petition came about as a result of that frustration, as a way to share our activities with supporters, provide updates on our advocacy work as well as to express our concerns and discontent with a system that has been abusing us for far too long.

Many service men and women returning from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from severe post traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury and other major issues resulting from their service to our country. Unfortunately, the majority of these patriots are being prescribed a cocktail of prescription narcotics by VA physicians who have no idea what they're doing, or what affect the drugs will have (on their own, or when combined with others). These pharmaceuticals don't help, and in many cases they are only serving to exacerbate the problem. Many of these veterans are reporting feelings of insomnia, chronic depression, agoraphobia, severe anxiety and panic attacks to name but a few symptoms.

We believe cannabis serves to alleviate much of the symptoms and ailments suffered by our Brothers and Sisters, time and again it has helped many live a more full and productive life. The testimonials of men and women who have benefited greatly from this plant are endless, and we want to investigate, scientifically, exactly how the herb works with our bodies to accomplish this.

People all over the world were ecstatic when they heard the University of Arizona was going to house MAPS and Doc Sisley's study. They were equally perplexed when they learned that Doc, the only person in the United States of America who was federally approved to work with veterans and medical marijuana sourced from the federal government, was shown the door.

With no explanation for her termination given, it appears the University of Arizona fired Doc for attempting to conduct research that caused a considerably harsh backlash from hyper-conservative state lawmakers. The university let politics trump science, education and veterans suffering in each of the 50 states. Our nation's veterans are committing suicide at astonishing rates, more than 22 times (a misleading, low ball estimate based off of incomplete data from the Veterans Administration) every single day and the "leadership" in the state of Arizona -- and by proxy the United States Government -- have done everything within their power to block this potentially life saving research intended to help them.

We have pleaded with the state "leadership" to reinstate Doc at one of the other public universities, requesting they provide her with the necessary space and resources she needed to conduct her scientific research.

They refused.

We have explained to both state and federal "leadership" how Doc's study could mean the difference between life and death for countless veterans.

They've ignored us.

"Bigger Questions, Better Answers" is the motto The University of Arizona failed to live up to -- sadly, it appears to be too much to ask of Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University as well. To everyone who has taken a stand with us to help spread the word, thank you. Your support has been tremendous and as a result we have been successful in raising a substantial amount of attention surrounding this particular issue. Sadly, none of Arizona's public universities are willing to do the right thing and house MAPS' fully funded study (funding provided from outside of the state of Arizona -- we love you Colorado!).

Regardless of whether Arizona's "leadership" decides to support this research or not, we are committed to seeing this study completed in the Grand Canyon State.

With or without their support.

"Once more unto the breach..."

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Letter to
State Senator Andy Biggs
Despite your negligence and obstructionism, Dr. Sisley’s research will still be conducted in Arizona.

It has been approved through a private IRB, has been awarded a $2.1 million grant from the Colorado Department of Health and Environmental Services, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse has acknowledged that they now have three (3) of the four (4) strains MAPS needs to conduct their scientific study.

The actions of Arizona's "leadership" have ensured you will find yourselves on the wrong side of history. When people look back on this issue they will remember the fools who tried to stop progress but who were thankfully impotent.

I am disgusted by your behavior, and am deeply saddened thinking of all the men and women who have taken their own lives in the time this research has been needlessly delayed.

You should be ashamed of yourself.