Don't stop funding only drug for pancreatic cancer on the CDF

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Pancreatic cancer took my husband in 2009, at the age of 48, leaving me and our son behind to face a future without him. I felt distraught to lose him, just a few days more would have meant the world to me, our son and the rest of our family. Back then there was no drug that could give us that, but now there is.

Abraxane is the ONLY drug for pancreatic cancer on the Cancer Drugs Fund. It can offer a person an extra few months and sometimes even years. But, from 4 November 2015 this drug will lose its funding.

Pancreatic cancer is a disease which has made hardly any progress in over 40 years. Despite pancreatic cancer being the 5th highest cancer killer in the UK, it receives less than 1.5% of the research spend. This cancer has been overlooked for way too long. Abraxane represents the greatest improvement in survival for pancreatic cancer in almost 20 years – when used in combination with the standard chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer it has been found to extend patients’ lives.  Taking the one glimmer of hope away from a cancer that has very little hope associated with it is wrong.

The average metastatic pancreatic cancer patient is given between 2-6 months. When your life is cut this short, any amount of time is significant. What Abraxane offers if invaluable -- time to make memories, to tell loved ones how much you care for them, to do a favourite thing one last time.

The drug isn’t being removed in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales or most of Europe. To disadvantage pancreatic cancer patients just because they are based in England is outrageous. Please help us to raise the profile of this injustice by adding your name to our petition.

Last year 106,000 signed our petition on funding for pancreatic cancer, and we managed to force a debate in Parliament. Petitions have helped us to win support for this disease before, let’s use public pressure again to help people who deserve more time.  

Please help us to get this petition heard by adding your name and sharing so that we can get Abraxane reinstated on the Cancer Drugs Fund.

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