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Don't rush #BRAI Bill and #UnsafeGMOs. Extend deadline for public comments.

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Though it looks like normal food, it is not the same.

GM food is not only different, but has been proven to be unsafe for consumption by numerous independent studies. Despite unanswered questions around the very need for GM food, shockingly, the Indian government seems hell-bent on thrusting it on us.

Genetically modified (GM) food is created unnaturally by taking genes of organisms like bacteria, viruses, spiders or even humans, stringing these together and inserting them into other unrelated organisms like cabbage, brinjal, potatoes, maize, rice etc.

GM is not safe

Numerous studies have proven that GM food could lead to various illnesses. GM in our food and farming is a threat to our food safety and farm livelihoods. This harm cannot be reversed or corrected once it is introduced into our farming and food cycle.

But Government of India has prepared a Bill to give easy access to GMOs to enter India's farms, food and environment. The Bill is being pushed by large corporations that want to control our food and seed. The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill will provide a new single-window, fast-track regulatory authority for approving GMOs.

Politicians and State governments have opposed this Bill.
The BRAI Bill is so flawed that numerous Parliamentarians cutting across party lines, State Governments and the public have asked the Government not to introduce the Bill. However, without paying heed to any of this, the BRAI Bill was introduced in the Parliament.

This controversial Bill is currently with the Standing Committee on Science & Technology in the Parliament of India. This Standing Committee has now granted 30 days' time for the citizens of India to provide their feedback.

30 days time is too little time.

The deadline expires on July 10 and it is impossible to get meaningful participation by public, in giving their views and suggestions from across the country by then. In fact, the Bill has not even been made available in local languages.

This is an issue that concerns our food and our nation.

1. We are asking the concerned Committee to extend this feedback period from 30 days to 90 days.
2. We are also asking the Committee to hold countrywide consultations so that citizens can participate and give their opinion on a Bill that affects India's farming, our food and its safety.

Please join us in asking the Science & Technology Committee to extend the deadline for public feedback on the BRAI Bill. Sign this petition and join us in demanding safe food and sustainable farming for India.

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