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Petitioning Communications Manager, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, MDX Cindy Polo and 16 others

Don't raise the per mile toll rate by 50% on Dolphin Expressway (SR 836) and Airport Expressway (SR 112).


MDX (Miami-Dade Expressway Authority) the agency that operates five toll highways in Miami-Dade, claim they need $800 million for their future work project program.  Their board of "non-elected" directors has voted to raise per mile toll rate on the Dolphin Expressway(SR 836) and Airport Expressway (SR 112) by 50% starting in June of 2014.  This is an outrageous rate increase to place on the already financially burdened commuters of Miami-Dade County.  What's worse is that by 2014 MDX will implement their ORT(Open Road Tolling) system that will allow them to capture toll revenue from the 45% of commuters that presently do not pay to use these highways. And it gets better! They will also want to incorporate CPI (Consumer Price Indexing) that will allow them to automatically raise toll rates every year thereafter without a single objection from anyone.  At some point, we the toll payers have to say enough is enough!  This is "tollation", tolling(taxing) without representation.

Let’s join together and tell MDX, it's board of directors and our county commissioners, that we don't want a unjustified 50% toll rate increase and uncontrolled future toll rate hikes.  We are also calling for a full agency review along with a financial and policy audit of MDX(Miami-Dade Expressway Authoirty) by Miami-Dade County's board of county commissioners.  Please include your comment when you sign.


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MDX (Miami-Dade Expressway Authority), la agencia que opera cinco carreteras de peaje en Miami-Dade, alega que necesita $800 millones para su programa de futuro proyectos. Su junta directiva de directores "no electos" votó a favor de aumentar las tasas de de peaje en la autopista Dolphin Expressway (SR 836) y la autopista del aeropuerto (SR 112) en un 50% a partir de junio de 2014. Este es un aumento exorbitante de tarifa para los conductores ya financieramente agobiados de Miami-Dade.

Aún más preocupante, en 2014 MDX implementará una expansión a su sistema de ORT (Open Road Tolling), que le permitirá a MDX captar 25% más ingreso en peaje de conductores en carreteras que actualmente no pagan peaje. ¡Y no termina con esto! MDX también quiere incorporar aumentas de tarifas de peaje automáticas basadas en el IPC (Índice de Precios al Consumidor) que le permitirá aumentar las tarifas de peaje automáticamente cada año sin nadie poder oponerse.

En algún momento, los que pagan peaje tienen que decir ¡Basta ya! Esto es "tollation", el cobro de peaje sin representación.

Unámonos en decirle a MDX y su junta directiva que ¡No queremos un aumento de 50% en tarifas de peaje ni aumentos descontrolados de tarifas en el futuro! Firme esta petición y pídale a MDX que no aumente más las tarifas de peaje y que elimine el uso de aumento automático usando el IPC.

Letter to
Communications Manager, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, MDX Cindy Polo
Mayor of Miami-Dade County Carlos Gimenez
Executive Director, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority Javier Rodriguez,
and 14 others
MDX board member, Secretary District 6, FDOT Gus Pego
MDX board member Yvonne Soler McKinley
MDX board member Shelly Smith Fano
MDX board member Jose Hevia
MDX board member Louis Martinez
MDX board member Robert Holland
MDX board member Gonzalo Sanabria
MDX board member Felix Lasarte
MDX board member Carlos Fernandez-Guzman
MDX board member Al Maloof
MDX board member Norman Wartman
MDX board member Maritza Gutierrez
MDX Chairman Maurice A. Ferre
Miami-Dade County Commission, Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa
Miami-Dade Expressway Authority board of directors and executive director Javier Rodriguez, do not raise toll rates on SR 836 and SR 112. And eliminate CPI indexing from any toll rates now and in the future. The new ORT (Open Road Tolling) system will allow you a substantial revenue increase without having to raise the per mile toll rate by 50%. We already pay too much to drive on MDX roads. I also call on the Board of County Commissioners of Miami-Dade County to begin a full agency wide review, financial and policy audit of Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX).

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