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Petitioning Iowa State Senate

Don't Put Animal Cruelty Whistleblowers in Jail

This year, Iowa legislators are considering a bill which would impose a penalty of up to ten years in jail for documenting cruelty to livestock without permission. What this means is an end to undercover investigations by animal welfare organizations, as well as by whistleblowers within factory farms and slaughterhouses.

It would mean no more investigations like the one done by Mercy for Animals at Hy-Line International in Spencer, Iowa. That 2009 investigation blew the cover off Hy-Line, revealing that male chicks were being thrown into a grinder and killed within 24 hours of being born.

Organizations like the Iowa Federation of Humane Societies, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, and the American Civil Liberties Union are lining up to lobby Iowa legistors to vote no on this bill. Join them and tell Iowa's House and Senate to vote no on HF 589.

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Letter to
Iowa State Senate
Recently, I learned on that you and your colleagues are considering HF 589, a bill which could impose a prison sentence of up to ten years on anyone documenting animal cruelty in livestock operations.

In recent years, Americans have been horrified by the images of cruelty (and in many cases, illegal acts) coming from undercover investigations and whistleblowers. If HF 589 becomes law, unscrupulous livestock operations are shielded from accountability, and Americans are kept in the dark.

Livestock operations which operate within the bounds of the law should have nothing to fear and nothing to hide. Only the bad actors, the ones who flout laws like the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, would be protected under HF 589, and that's a price no consumer should have to accept.

Please stand up for accountability and vote no on HF 589.