Justice for candidates allotted to Meghalaya Rural Bank!

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IBPS had published a notification for the recruitment of Officers and Clerks for Regional Rural Banks in the year 2017. Candidates from all over the country applied and eventually cleared the preliminary, mains and interview rounds and got allotted to banks. We were among the unfortunate lot who were allotted the Meghalaya Rural Bank.

Nevertheless, the bank sent us a letter of intent asking us to report for biometric verification, medical checkup and issuing of appointment letters. We completed the biometric verification and medical checkup however before the bank could give the appointments, some local unions protested against the recruitment saying that the recruitment process followed was faulty, thereby making the Chairman declare that no appointments would be given until the matter is solved. Faulty? How? It was exactly at par with the guidelines of the notification! Those who call it faulty perhaps should go to the website of Ministry of Finance and read the bill on recruitment and promotion norms for RRBs. And anyway, if anyone had any problem with the recruitment process, they should have raised their concerns when the notification was out! Where were they that time? Why making the candidates suffer after they have cleared such a multi-level exam after putting in so much time and effort into this?

Now, present day, almost 3 months later, we are standing alone with no one on our sides, no one whom we can question, except our fate. We call the bank to know any news, they get irritated and say they can't do anything, the matter is with State Government. CM said on newspaper statements that the matter has been taken up with centre. We ask centre, and get no answers. We ask IBPS, they say after declaration of results their role is over. We ask Sponsor Bank, they say they don't have any updates. The Chairman of Meghalaya Rural Bank has left us with no way that we can contact him. We are suffering but no one cares.

To everyone else it may be a petty issue which they'd neglect and move on, but for us though, this is the question of bread and starvation to us.

Please, do not play with our future. We haven't got the jobs in charity, we achieved this with our hard work, dedication, efforts, time, do not play with our lives like this. Please, be kind, be understanding and give us the appointments ASAP without further sending us from pillar to post.



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