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Don’t let workplace equality fall victim to fear mongering in Tennessee


The “Special Access to Discriminate” Act returns to the Tennessee General Assembly on Wednesday, April 6 in a form that blatantly targets lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.

Earlier in the current session of the legislature, Family Action Council of Tennessee and the Memphis Tea Party failed to convince a majority of the House General Subcommittee of Commerce to vote for the first version of the “Special Access to Discriminate” Act.  (HB0598) would have prohibited local governments from extending LGBT-inclusive workplace protections, living wages and health insurance benefits to employees of government contractors. Now they hope to convince the subcommittee to vote for the SAD Act 2.0 (HB0600) which solely targets LGBT employees for unfair treatment.

FACT and the Memphis Tea Party are colluding to undermine local government control and local community standards. These radical organizations say they are for small government, but their actions say otherwise.

No matter who the different versions of the SAD Act target, the effect is the same. Local governments routinely negotiate required contract provisions with vendors based on standards set by local communities. HB0598 and HB0600 interfere in the contracting process between local governments and vendors who voluntarily agree to accept taxpayer funds to deliver goods and services. Each version of the SAD Act sets a dangerous precedent for BIG government interference in the local government contracting process.

Tell the House General Subcommittee of Commerce to vote no on HB0598 and HB0600.


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I am writing to ask you to vote against HB0598 and HB0600 when these bills are heard in committee.

HB0598 and HB0600 will prohibit local governments from requiring lawful contract provisions based on community standards for employees of government contractors.

State government will set a bad precedent for interfering in the contracting process of local governments by enacting either of these bills. Local governments need the ability to set conditions for the use of taxpayer funds based on community needs and values. These bills undercut that process.

HB0598 and HB0600 will undermine local government control by cities, counties and school boards across Tennessee.

I am counting on you to vote NO on HB0598 and HB0600.


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