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Don't Let Wall Street Off the Hook!


As a result of their reckless greed and abuses, Wall Street banks destroyed the American Dream for countless families, and crippled the American economy.  In some cases, corrupt bankers even committed outright fraud with their risky schemes that gambled away the nest eggs of millions of hard-working men and women.

That’s why Tammy Baldwin led the charge to reject out-of-hand any settlement with these same banks that -- in exchange for a paltry fee -- would give a free pass to those who got rich and caused a huge economic mess while the middle class suffered.

Crooked bankers must be brought to justice.
We must not accept a solution where banks not only escape accountability for their wrongdoing, but the government agrees it will never investigate fraud and abuse.  That's outrageous.

Americans have seen too much of this: Washington politicians cutting backroom deals that let powerful special interests off the hook, and leave middle class families holding the bag.

Progressives like Tammy Baldwin stand ready to fight for justice for working families and the middle class.  And we urge you to stand with us.

UPDATE: President Obama has just named New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman head of a task force to investigate the wrongdoing of Wall Street banks that caused the financial crisis. But, we must continue to send a message to the Department of Justice: do not accept a deal that gives immunity to banks for negligence and malfeasance committed since the crash!

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