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Don't Let the Portland Business Alliance Steal Our Elections

With wealthy special interests playing a greater role in elections and politics, Portland's successful Voter-Owned Elections program is a reform worth fighting for to make sure we all have an equal voice - and an equal vote - regardless of wealth or political power.

But the Portland Business Alliance (think PGE, Qwest and US Bank) doesn't like the idea of everyday Portlanders having a stronger voice in City Hall. That's why they're spending thousands of dollars spreading misinformation and trying to grab back power by defeating the program that we fought for and won. 

Candidates who choose to run under Portland's Voter-Owned Elections program must demonstrate community support by collecting $5 contributions from at least 1,000 Portland voters. Once they qualify, participating candidates are prohibited from spending or raising any money beyond the limited public financing they receive. 

This means that candidates are accessible to voters, not corporate interests.

Don't let the Portland Business Alliance take away our vote or our voice. Sign the pledge to vote YES on Voter-Owned Elections (26-108) and send a message to the Portland Business Alliance that our democracy is not for sale.  We'll present your signature along with signatures of hundreds of other Portland voters to the Portland Business Alliance.

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With our economy continuing to struggle, we need more accountability and transparency built into our local elections so that wealthy campaign contributors aren’t calling all the shots in City Hall.

I pledge to support Voter-Owned Elections because everyday Portlanders should have the strongest voice in our local elections. Plain and simple.