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Don't Let Immigration Canada Separate Chris Reynolds From His Family



Chris Reynolds wants to stay in Canada with his dad and brother. But the only way his family’s application for permanent residency will be approved is if he’s not on it.

Immigration officials say Chris, 20, will be too big a drain on the health care system because he has Asperger and Tourette syndromes. He has been deemed “inadmissible.”

An early medical assessment by Citizenship and Immigration Canada concluded that Chris would place an “excessive demand” on health and social services, and hinder the family’s chances of being accepted.

Immigration Canada fails to understand that people with Asperger's Syndrome are typically characterized by average to above average intelligence.  

Famous people who are thought to have had or have Aspergers:

Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Robin Williams, Elvis, Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven. Just to name a few. 

“The end verdict is a judgment of worthlessness,” says his father, Tom Reynolds, who is a professor at the University of Toronto. “Chris has a lot of potential to contribute many gifts to Canada.”

Tom Reynolds was recently nominated for the prestigious Michael Ramsey Prize for his book, Vulnerable Communion, about parenting a son with disabilities. This family has already given many gifts to Canada. We should be proud to have them here.

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Letter to
Immigration Canada
Please review the immigration file of the Reynolds Family of Toronto Ontario. Recently in Moncton NB a deportation order was rescinded for the Maeng Family. On compassionate grounds I implore you to do right by the Reynolds family as well.

No family should be separated or deported because they have a child with a disability. It's just not Canadian.

Thank you,

Lisa Middleton

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