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Don't let ICE separate our family: Stop Mauricio Orjuela's Deportation


Mauricio is a Colombia Immigrant who came to the United States legally at the age of 18. He was abandoned by his family in the USA. With the help of his friends here in America he overcame the struggle of being left alone. He is a good role model for people in his community and Church where he lives in West Palm Beach Fl. He has no criminal background and is no threat to society. Mauricio qualifies under the new deportation policy by the White House and Under the June Morton Memo. He is married to a US Citizen. Sending him back to Colombia will only destroy his holy marriage. He does not have any more family back in Colombia, all his family is somewhere in the United States.  

If you send Mauricio back to Colombia this will destroy his wife. She loves him very much. She says, "we are a young couple with dreams like anybody else, we want to be together forever until death separates us, not the immigration laws, we want to be a happy family." Mauricio has lived in the United States more than 10 years; he is a proven good husband, and a hardworking man.   PLEASE SIGN TO STOP HIS DEPORTATION!

After you have signed, please take a Moment to Call DHS. Secretary of DHS. Janet Napolitano # (703-235-0854) Director of ICE. John Morton # (202-732-3000) Internal Affairs. Nicole Nava’s # (786-387-8230)   Say: "Hi, I am calling to ask you to stop Mauricio deportation and that he may be granted discretion under the John Morton Memo. His A # is A79-483-661. Thank you very much"  

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