Don’t let him die. Give asylum seeker medical care and release him to recover.

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Hector* is an asylum seeker in immigration detention. He’s "weeks from death" but remains in Australian detention, despite UN letter compelling Australian Border Force to provide him with urgent medical care and to consider his release.

Hector has been in immigration detention since 2013 and has lost at least 25kg in the past year, dropping from a weight of 70kg.

I have been told that Hector has weeks, not months, to live … he is starving to death.

The dangerous weight loss Hector is experiencing is just one of the symptoms of his illness, but the government seem determined to categorise it as a protest. This is manifestly dangerous and the UN has now asked the Australian government to give my client the urgent medical care he needs to save his life, and to consider release.

Hector is currently psychosocially disabled. To put it plainly, he is starving to death. He requires urgent medical assessment. I have pleaded for him to be listened to while he still had capacity. I am now doing the pleading on his behalf but we have both largely been ignored.

I feel Hector is being let down by the Australian Government, including those from the medical profession involved in this man's "care" and regulatory bodies. Not a single entity with real power has stepped forward to assist him.

Please, sign and share this petition. Hector cannot be left to die in this way. There is still time, but that time is running out.


Alison Battisson
Director Principal, Human Rights For All

Read more about Hector here.

*Name changed to protect privacy