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Don’t Let Governments Ignore the Education of Disabled Children

In 2000, members of the UN committed to the goal that all children should be able to complete a full course of primary education by 2015. Yet with just five years left to reach that goal, 90% of children with disabilities in the developing world remain excluded from school.

Children who are blind or have impaired vision are particularly neglected, and 4.4 million visually impaired children around the world have no access to education at all.

The damaging and lifelong consequences of this are difficult to comprehend, with blind or visually impaired children often becoming isolated and dependent, and unable to contribute to their own self-fulfillment or their communities’ economic output and drive for development.

Governments around the world need to fulfill their commitments and do more to remove the roadblocks to education for these children.

You can help by joining the international call to include visually impaired and disabled children in schooling across the globe. Disabled people are often the easiest population for governments to ignore; you can be part of the solution by raising your voice and urging governments to give all children a chance to get an education.

Sign this petition and tell the world’s leaders that we want all children, including those with disabilities, to have access to an empowering education. 

Letter to
UN Member Countries
I believe that all children deserve access to education. In 2000 the UN agreed to the Millennium Development Goals, which included universal access to education for all children by 2015. With five years to go, 90% of children with disabilities in the developing world still don’t go to school.

We must act now to bring inclusive education, where children with sight problems have the opportunity to learn alongside their sighted peers. It is simply not acceptable to prevent children with disabilities from attending school. The visually impaired are particularly impacted and I am calling on the leaders of UN member nations to act now to end the exclusion of 4.4 million children who are blind or have impaired vision from education.