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We want Violetta 3 at 8PM!

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Why should you care?

The reason why is would you let your 7 to 16 year old stay up to midnight or 11pm everyday. Maybe old then yes you would. Would you want to stay up every night at that time if you couldn't record? Well we fighting back, we want Violetta a show which was dubbed into English to be on at 7 or 8pm at earlier time!  

So why did Disney put the show on late. The reason why is because dubbing was terrible and so they aired it at 22:15 however they got new dubbed singer and they much more better! Please listen out we want a Disney who is diverse there content to suit the need of different audiences instead of leaving people behind and not given them to watch shows like this.  

Violetta is quite a good show, it has good story behind it. Basically the show tell you that lies are always not best. Commutation to parents can be hard for teens. 


Other ways too help

We need you to also Email Disney Channel UK!

Email :

Dear Disney Channel UK

Email :

Dear Disney Channel UK


We know people won't sign this because you got to put address down, however you just need to copy this address instead!

Street: 3 Queen Caroline Street

Post code: W6 9PE


This address belongs to Disney Channel UK!


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