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Don't let AVX escape from its responsibility to clean up toxic PCBs in New Bedford Harbor

In October 2012, the EPA announced a $366 million settlement with AVX, the largest company responsible for PCB pollution in New Bedford Harbor. This seems like a lot of money, but is it really enough to fully clean up the harbor? It’s impossible to tell without the details of the cleanup plan, and the EPA refuses to share those details with the community.

Worse, the settlement does not allow the government to ask AVX for more money in the future if the cleanup costs more than expected. Accepting this fixed amount will lock the EPA into cleanup choices that put cost ahead of public good. 

The EPA’s settlement with AVX is the last chance for New Bedford to get what it’s waited years for: enough money to clean up the harbor forever.

Don't let polluters walk away without cleaning up the mess they made. Tell the Department of Justice that the EPA's settlement with AVX needs to include a reopener clause so the government can get the money it needs to fully clean up the harbor.

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