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Don't Let Auto Dealers Be Exempt From Regulations

Auto dealers are consistently the top source of consumer complaints to the Better Business Bureau and state and local consumer protection agencies.  Abusive loans are all too common - and if you're a person of color or a member of the military, you are especially likely to recieve an unfair car loan.  The military has gone so far as to say that abusive car loans are affecting military readiness.

Anyone who makes car loans (ahem, that's you, car dealerships) must be regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The House caved into lobbyist pressure and gave auto dealers an exemption in their bill, but the Conference Committee must stand strong and side with consumers.


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Please DO NOT SUPPORT a Special Interest Carve Out for Auto Dealers who Originate or Broker Loans – They Must Fall Within the Jurisdiction of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Like Other Lenders & Creditors.

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