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Don't Give Away NJ Public Lands for Fracked Gas Pipelines

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (TGP) has plans to build a natural gas pipeline to carry fracked gas across Pennsylvania and New Jersey and the Upper Delaware River Basin with its proposed Northeast Upgrade Project (NEUP).  Major drinking water sources are at stake for millions of New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents - including the Monksville Reservoir and the Wanaque Reservoir, several sole source groundwater aquifers in both states as well as a Delaware River crossing that can affect millions who rely on the Delaware for water.  TGP's 300 line project that was built last year in parts of NJ and PA left behind damaged streams, sediment choked wetlands, and inadequate and lagging stabilization and restoration practices by TGP - repeated violations and pollution events abound in the record.  For example, Wawayanda State Park and Lake Lookover in NJ and Delaware State Forest in PA are public lands where irreversible pipeline pollution still remains from Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s past practices. 

Now Tennessee Gas Pipeline wants to build the next pipeline loop to carry polluting fracked natural gas that would cross the Delaware River in Pike County PA into New Jersey, impacting more clean headwater tributaries and part of NJ's Highlands and state lands.  This proposed pipeline loop would impact 64 waterbodies and 70 wetlands, putting our precious water and communities at risk.  To build the pipeline they need the approval of the New Jersey State House Commission to allow public lands to be sold off for the pipeline crossing. 

Please sign and share this petition to let the NJ State House Commission Members know you oppose this sell off of precious preserved land for this detrimental project and request a comprehensive and thorough independent alternative analysis be conducted that does not jeopardize sensitive public lands, important water supplies, and healthy habitats.  Urge the NJ State House Commission to deny this diversion request.  The past pollution record of TGP means the Commission must act to protect our water supplies and healthy habitats now and consider the bad practices of TGP on the 300 line and how this damaging activity will affect the special resources the NEUP will cut through.  The Commission needs to hear from a groundswell of people as they may be voting on this pipeline project as soon as early June so action is urgently needed.    

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Re: Do Not Approve Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s Northeast Upgrade Project

I am writing to urge you as a member of the NJ State House Commission to deny Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s (TGP’s) request for a diversion to build a natural gas pipeline to transport fracked natural gas through sensitive habitats and water supply areas of New Jersey as part of TGP’s proposed Northeast Upgrade Project. This proposed pipeline would impact 64 waterbodies and 70 wetlands, putting our precious drinking water, streams and communities at risk.

In 2010 the State House Commission voted to allow TGP’s 300 line project to move forward, a similar pipeline project that was constructed in our region. With that project, came irreversible harm and pollution to our natural resources in important public places like Wawayanda State Park and Lake Lookover in West Milford NJ and Delaware State Forest in PA. In Pike County alone, numerous Notices of Violations were reported, including: 17 instances of dirt and sediment being discharged into water bodies, 7 violations for worksite conditions, and 21 instances of failure to properly institute Best Management Practices for erosion and sediment control. This high frequency of violations demonstrates that there were systemic and continued failures in TGP’s compliance with regulatory controls, which suggests improper oversight, and or, inadequate enforcement. In Wayne County, out of 16 inspections conducted by the County Conservation District during the 300 Line Extension Project, 15 violations were found. This startling 93% failure rate provides further evidence of systemic compliance failures. Furthermore, at the federal level, during the 300 Line Extension Project, in 28 out of 38 “Environmental Compliance Monitoring Program Weekly Summary Report[s]” that were provided on Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s [FERC] website there was at least one recorded incident where construction activity did not come into “compliance with Project specifications, mitigation measures, and applicable FERC-approved Project plans.”

With this disturbing track record by TGP last year, I urge the Commission to deny TGP’s request for a divergence for the pipeline if this issue comes up for a vote at the Commission's June meeting. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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