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Janice Clypole’s husband, a man with a strong work-ethic, was recently laid off and has struggled with symptoms of depression since. On March 31st, 2012 he went for a drive to ease his mind after an argument. On this drive, he raised his voice at another driver that had cut him off, and Janice’s dog Griffin jumped out of the car window. Griffin was startled by the jump, and took off running into a neighborhood. He encountered another dog while he was running away. Startled, he picked up the smaller dog in his mouth, causing a small puncture wound that did not draw blood according to the other dog’s owner, Tena.


However Dennis Graves, who is the Animal Services Supervisor, made the determination that Griffin should be euthanized. This decision came after Captain Livingston, with the Wichita Police Department, claimed he investigated the incident. However Capt. Livingston never contacted Tena, or the officer that was on scene. Questions of breed discrimination have been raised, as Griffin was determined to be a pit-bull mix by the Kansas Humane Society. Tena has remained in contact with the Clypole family, and plans to testify on behalf of Griffin.


This was not a vicious incident. In Griffin’s 8 ½ years of life, he has been nothing but a loving pet and Janice’s best friend. The children that he plays with have been emotional and writing letters and praying that God will save Griffin. We firmly believe that on the day of the incident, Griffin was simply reacting out of fear and confusion. We ask the City Council to make the right decision; don’t sentence an innocent animal to death, and let him return home to finish out the rest of his life being the loving, compassionate companion he has always been.



Janice is appealing the City Council on May 22nd. There is still a chance to save Griffin if we spread the word. Thank you for your support!

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