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Our bays are the lifeblood of our economy and lifestyle.  Real estate values, recreational boating, fishing and clamming, and commerical harvesting are all dependent on clean,  ecologically healthy waters.


Letter to
Southampton Town Supervisor Ms. Anna Throne-Holst
Town Board Chris Nuzzi
Town Board Jim Malone
and 2 others
Town Board Bridget Fleming
Town Board Christine Scalera
Southampton Town waters are in a state of crises and direct in-water remediation is our best first line of defense. Marine Scientists at SUNY Stony Brook have a well documented plan for remediation, which is science-based and a model of success in other estuaries around the country. The cornerstone of this plan uses the natural filtration abilities of clams and oysters to help cleanse our waters and reduce algae, which cause harmful blooms. Restoring bivalve populations by adding millions of clams and oysters to our bays improves ecological conditions, it promotes sustainable harvesting, and supports local non-profits that provide the seed. Everyone should do their part to help our waters - including the Town of Southampton. Don't cut critical funding for Shellfish Seeding!