Don't ban Keenz stroller wagon from Disney parks

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I am part of an online community with families who love Disney and families who also love their Keenz stroller wagon, myself included. A lot of these families feel like they can make a day possible and easily manageable with their Keenz. The Keenz allows families with multiple kids and kids with disabilities to have a safe place while visiting busy places like Disneyland and Disney World.

Our kids need the Keenz for multiple reasons including; having developmental delays, the use of oxygen tanks, noise sensitivity, children who cannot walk for long stretching due to health issues and more, that other strollers lack help with.

The news of Disney banning the Keenz this morning has put a great devastation among parents who rely on Keenz stroller wagons to make it through a day at Disney parks and be able to enjoy your theme parks geared towards our children.

Please unban the Keenz stroller wagon that is smaller in dimension than your average stroller and bring back the magic to the Keenz community. Thank you