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Lower current parking ticket rates, give options to pay tickets with community service, simplify parking signs, and extend parking time limits for the city of Santa Monica.

Living in Santa Monica and being a part of the Santa Monica community has been a wonderful part of being a Los Angeles Citizen. However, after living in Culver City and Burbank, there has been a noticeable difference in the complexity of the parking signs, the parking fees and the time restraints imposed within the city of Santa Monica. Many citizens of Santa Monica would be considered in the upper middle-class income level but there are still thousands of commuters like myself barely making ends meet. I hear hundreds of stories of everyday people who park their cars on streets where there are literally 4-10 different signs on one single block! As a tourist, you are almost guaranteed to misread the signs unsure of where you can even park your car to explore the city. It seems like Santa Monica is doing itself a disservice by overcharging it's citizens who are already contributing their tax dollars to the community. It's building disinterest for anyone from other parts of Los Angeles or the world who would like to visit Santa Monica but are too aware of the parking violation repercussions. Keep in mind I am a complete supporter of biking and public transportation and understand that driving a vehicle is one of the many options to commute within Santa Monica. I also realize that if you happen to have more than one job (as I do) and need to get from one shift to another in the shortest amount of time, you will need a vehicle to navigate the Los Angeles landscape depending on how far your commute is. You will also need more dependable spaces to park your car and be able to attend to your workplace without worrying about a parking ticket. The ideal outcome would be to have the current parking fee lowered or the option to pay a parking ticket with community service. Even having a low income option that can be redeemed online would make a significant difference. It would also be ideal to have an easily-read sign that is consistent on the whole block. The time limits should be extended for at least another hour. It seems like there is very little time to accomplish any task with the current time constraints. Please feel free to read the following yelp reviews on the CIty of Santa Monica Parking Violations Bureau and decide for yourself if this is a worthy cause.

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