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For all of the commuter students who have been taking the Metra to get downtown from the Rock Island District, Electric Line, Southwest Corridor, etc. who are tired of increased ticket prices each year. I understand fully that public transportation in Chicago needs appropriate funding in order to continue to provide round the clock transportation via bus, train, or subway train. But it is inappropriate to continue to charge these commuting students, and in some cases the family of these students, higher and higher fare cost simply because Metra has a monopoly on train transportation.

This petition is for a reduced fare cost (-$3.00) off of Chicago Metra Train tickets for qualifying students who are taking classes full time at a University within the Chicago metropolitan area. So if a ticket is $6.75, you should be able to show your ID, give your UPASS for scanning, or show your student status through the Metra App to the train Attendant for the discount and only pay $3.75. If you are a part-time student, the same rules will apply as for full time students only you will receive a discount of (-$1.50) off of tickets.

The students of Chicago, as well as suburbanite students who frequent Chicago for college classes are fed up with this borderline coercive monopoly called the Metra. We need change and now!

- Cedric Ngwa