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Please Stop Baconfest KC

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Baconfest, sponsored by Farmland, is an event that is supposed to raise funds for Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City. A seemly good cause, but a very contradictory message. They aim to "help individuals who have experienced an injury or illness that has had a significant impact on physical and/or cognitive function," often from stroke or cancer. Ironically, stroke is on the rise due to increasing rates of obesity and diet. What are the factors from diet? Processed salt and red processed meats. Bacon encompasses all these risk factors and yet it is being celebrated to raise money for stroke victims.  Processed pork has been linked to cancer for decades.

Besides the obvious health issues associated with eating bacon, the extreme cruelty that comes with the treatment of pigs used for bacon is astonishing. Pigs can live up to 15 years, but most of those raised on factory farms are slaughtered at just six months. Pigs are very intelligent—as smart as or smarter than most dogs! At just two to three weeks old, piglets are removed from their mothers and placed in large, windowless sheds without fresh air, sunlight or outdoor access. Their pens are too small and crowded for adequate movement and exercise. Ammonia fumes rise to dangerous, uncomfortable levels due to the pigs’ waste.

Pigs tend to be extremely curious and mentally engaged, but their barren surroundings cause them extreme frustration. The tail-biting that sometimes results leads farms to cut off pigs’ tails without painkillers. Farm workers also cut off piglets' tails with dull pliers and castrate them by ripping out their testes with their bare hands - all without anesthesia—because consumers don’t like the smell and taste of uncastrated males. Pregnant pigs are confined in two-feet wide metal stalls so small that they can only take one step forward or backward and cannot turn around or lie down comfortably. Unfortunately, in most states, anti-cruelty statute exempts farmed animals from legal protection. Pigs, like all farmed animals, also lack federal protection during their lives confined on factory farms.

Please, please, please reconsider the choice to continue Baconfest in Kansas City. We are hoping that the staff at RIKC can recognize that celebrating bacon really goes against everything they are standing for with this fundraiser.  On the RIKC website, they state that they "value attitudes and behaviors that demonstrate respect for every individual." How can they work to demonstrate respect for individuals who are in a terrible situation and then turn around and promote cruelty to farmed pigs, who, are also individuals in a terrible situation, often disabled from the terrible conditions where they are forced to live? They also state "we value individual responsibility, empowerment, and achievement."   How are they empowering people by, as the Baconfest page states, "bringing Bacon Sausage Links, Jalapeno Bacon, Peppered Bacon, Hickory Smoked Bacon and that's just in our GA area....AND it's unlimited! All food & beer is included in your ticket purchase. Still wanting more? Take part in our Bacon Eating Contest sponsored by Farmland Foods the day of the event."  It doesn't seem like they are empowering people to achieve by promoting the large quantity consumption of foods that contain toxic substances and chemicals. These foods increase your risk for developing stroke and cancer!  Since diet is one of the risk factors people CAN control, how can RIKC suggest such abhorrent food choices?  To responsibility promote health and prevent stroke and cancer, they should empower people to make healthy food choices and prevent physical harm.  There are many other potentially successful fundraiser ideas out there that would not harm animals and would not damage people's physical health.  

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