No Kill Relocate Only Policy for Black bears

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The bears are not being relocated anymore they are only being killed with the recent bears being a mama bear with her cubs.  Their habitat has been taken over by deforestation giving them no choice but to search for resources elsewhere. The black bear population could become endangered if they are always being killed. It is not fair nor the bears fault that they are killed for being 'habituated' to humans and their garbage, so far all of the bears killed did not show any signs of aggression towards humans. The tri-city area coquitlam/port coquitlam/port moody naturally has black bears, we should remember that and take caution when trail walking. Ensure garbage is not left outside and never feed the bears for our safety., We should also stop building up the mountains and then wonder why bears are being seen and then kill them. A relocation only policy will guarantee that our black bear population is not killed for being a black bear. All animals deserve life, why should the black bears be any different? If the bears are in a natural park they should be left alone regardless, they need a home too. Provide more resources for the bear, planting berries they enjoy eating in more regional parks. Create a reserve just for them where humans are not allowed to enter. More options need to be considered  instead  of the quick fix of killing all the bears that are seen. I definitely disagree with killing a mama bear with her cubs, it is a mothers natural instinct to protect her offspring and when one doesn't even show aggression but gets killed, just because it is there at the wrong time that is unjust. Protecting these wildly beautiful animals should be a top priority instead of killing them like they are worthless.