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Starting in 1973, Domino's started the "30 minutes or it's free" campaign, guaranteeing that customers would receive their pizza within 30 minutes of placing an order, or they would receive the pizza for free. But in 1993, after the company was faced with two lawsuits from people who were killed or injured by delivery drivers rushing to get pizzas delivered within the 30 minute timeframe, the company dropped the guarantee in the U.S.

Yet, the 30 minute guarantee is still going strong in South Korea, where in December 2010, a 24 year old College student and part-time delivery boy died after colliding head-on with a taxi while he was delivering an order. This young man was one of almost 1,500 accidents that occured last year alone involving bike-riding delivery men.

Tell Domino's that its "30 minute or it's free" guarantee in South Korea is outdated and dangerous, and it needs to end.

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Letter to
Executive Vice President of PeopleFirst, Domino's Pizza Patricia A. Wilmot
Franchise Operations and Development Scott Hinshaw
Executive Vice President, Domino's Pizza Patti Wilmot
and 10 others
Vice President, Corporate Communications, Domino's Pizza Tim McIntyre
CEO, Domino's Pizza J. Patrick Doyle
Executive Vice President, Build the Brand, Domino's Pizza Russell Weiner
Executive Vice President, Franchise Operations and Development, Dominos' Pizza Scott Hinshaw
Executive Vice President, Supply Chain Services, Domino's Pizza John Macksood
Public Relations, Domino's Pizza Chris Brandon
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Domino's Pizza Michael Lawton
Investor Relations, Domino's Pizza Investor Relations Department
Chairman of the Board, Domino's Pizza David Brandon
Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Domino's Pizza Kenneth Rollin
It has come to my attention that Domino's Pizza has a "30 minutes or its free" guarantee for pizza delivery in South Korea. As a Domino's customer, this policy concerns me tremendously.

As was brought to the company's attention in the U.S. during the two lawsuits brought against Domino's in 1992 and 1993, this policy has led to recklessness on behalf of delivery drivers, who fear losing part of their salary if the pizza is not delivered within the 30 minute window guaranteed. This speedy and reckless driving has caused the injury and death of countless drivers and innocent standers by.

According to The Korea Times, the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency has studied the results of such policies and expectations on delivery drivers in South Korea, stating that "In 2009 alone, 1,380 accidents involving bike-riding delivery men took place in South Korea, up from 1,192 in 2008 and 990 in 2007."

As you are likely aware, a number of groups in South Korea, including the Young Union, the union For Occupational and Environmental Health (FOEC) and several labor unions, held a press conference on February 8, 2011 in front of Domino's Pizza’s headquarters in Seoul, pressuring your company to abolish the 30 minute guarantee. We are standing with these groups in demanding that Domino's stop endangering lives with outdated policies, and put an end to its 30 minute guarantee in South Korea.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. I look forward to learning about how Domino's plans to reform this dangerous policy.

I look forward to your reply at the responses email below.

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