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Dominique Fountain: Man Without A Lawyer!

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Dominique Fountain is looking at 25 years to Life in the state of Florida! Just to tell you a little bit about his story... Dominqiue is a single father to 4 year old Daylen Fountain who worked hard to make a living for him and his son! Dominique is being charge for a crime he did not committ! Typical story right? Well, No prior to Dominique going to jail he had a codefendant by the name of Scott Mandel he is the reason Dominique is facing a substantial amount of time! The whole case is based off of a burglary that Scott Mandel committ, but because my brother was living with him he had also become a suspect! To fast forward to the trial which occurred 04/18/2013 @ 1:00pm and lasted about 3 hours Dominqiue had been charged officially for VOP, but the remaining 8 charges he has not been sentenced for! And its only because they have hard evidence to keep Scott Mandel in jail and they are still trying to gather evidence for Dominqiue Fountain! The only thing that the court has against Dominique is the fact that he knows the victim personally! Though Scott Mandel has admitted to the crime and the victim never mentioned Dominique Fountain as the suspect they are yet holding him on bases of just knowing the victim! My reasoning for this petition is to help free and innocent man of crimes he did not committ! And for justice to be served fairly not because he doesnt have a lawyer! 

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