*Urgently* free Huthaifa Badr

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Once again we are calling for the urgent release of Huthaifa Badr (see 2019 petition  text below (**).  Please Dominic Raab raise this urgently with the Israeli authorities.

Huthaifa Badr has been given ANOTHER 6 month term of imprisonment WITH NO TRIAL . We supported  Huthaifa  in 2019 when he was on hunger strike for his release, having  been given no trial and no hope of one. After 65 long, hard days of no eating, they promised not to give him another extension and they released him last December after serving 16 months. They then imprisoned him again in May, gave him a 6 month term and have now renewed it (November 2020).  

We call for Huthaifa’s release NOW, an end to administrative detention and to Israel’s policy of mass imprisonment of Palestinians.  The picture of Huthaifa here is held by his grandmother during a solidarity activity in Abu Dis in August 2019 – This cruel mass imprisonment affects not only the hundreds of prisoners but the whole community.


(**) This was the text of this petition in 2019. when he was seriously unwell on hunger strike.

Huthaifa Badr is in imminent danger and is threatening to stop even water tomorrow if he is still kept in jail with no trial.  The issue is...

·       14 months in prison with no trial

·       3rd renewal of ‘administrative detention’

·       Not allowed visits

·       Has never seen his little girl

·       Sick with leukemia, and still suffering from childhood burns on his body

·       On hunger strike since the beginning of July – only taking salt water

·       Has lost 13 kilos weight

·       Put in isolation by the prison authorities

·       Now not allowed access to his medicines or to get dressed (according to his lawyer who saw him on 19/7/19)

Huthaifa Badr from Abu Dis has been on hunger strike since 1st July along with other people held without trial under 'administrative detention.'  He is both protesting at his own imprisonment and calling for an end to the practice of 'administrative detention,' which is a widespread practice. Israel holds hundreds of people in its jails as 'administrative detainees' at any one time.

We are writing to you both in concern for an individual and to raise the wider issue of Israel's use of imprisonment without trial.   We are asking for your urgent intervention in the case of Huthaifa Badr and to call for his freedom from jail as he has had no trial. We are also asking for you to express your concern to Israel about its use of administrative detention as it is of course a human right to be brought to trial if there is an accusation of wrong-doing and to be allowed freedom if there is no case to be brought.