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Dominic Perrottet (NSW government, Premier of NSW)

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Started by Eliza4Earth !

Greyhound racing must be banned in NSW. Here are some reasons why:

If a competitive greyhound has a injury they may be subject to euthanasia because they can't race anymore.     

The welfare of greyhounds are often ignored when entered into races. 

Some greyhounds are kept in cages which are barely big enough to stand up and turn around. They can be kept in these for as long as 23 hours per day. The issue can expand beyond racing when/if the greyhound can be rehomed because they may have socialisation issues.

Training methods for greyhounds are problematic and inhumane.

Greyhound racing doesn't just affect greyhounds. The issue of live baiting (using live animals for the purpose of training greyhounds, leaving these animals in distress, severe injury, horrific pain, extreme fear, all of this will eventually lead to death.) The treatment of many racing animals in the industry is deplorable. These are helpless animals such as pigs, rabbits, possums, kittens, rats and mice.

In a 2015 ABC investigation, viewers where mortified with illegal live baiting used in the training and the mass graves found of greyhounds who were killed when deemed no longer useful. Trainers in Victoria where suspended in 2019 for using live possums to bait their dogs. 

Some trainers believe that making a dog more angry or aggressive will improve their performances in races. Meaning a greyhound may endure suffering and stress.

Some greyhounds who race, experience a lack of socialisation and enrichment. 

Some breeders over breed because only a certain amount of puppies will be suitable for racing. This results in completely healthy pups becoming prone to euthanasia and homelessness because there is not nearly enough homes to take them in.

Australia also exports greyhounds. In the past five years, over 1,300 greyhounds have been exported from Australia to NZ, Malaysia, China, Ireland, South Korea, Singapore and Canada. The greyhounds are exported to be raced. Once the dogs have left Australia there is no telling how their welfare and health is going.

The racing industry covers up the harsh reality that animals face. They frequently ignore animal welfare. 

Greyhound racing was banned in 2016 but was brought back by Mike Baird. A decision that was followed by the ongoing and continued mistreatment of animals and animal welfare being completely ignored. I want greyhound racing to be banned for the welfare of animals and to give greyhounds their best life!

As you can see with the issues I have highlighted, greyhound racing should be banned in New South Wales. 

466 have signed. Let’s get to 500!