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Keep the Page Three models in work

The Page 3 models are as British as bread and butter pudding, drinking bovril at a division 4 football match on a wet Wednesday night, or the cast of EastEnders flinging the Christmas turkey across the table.

Those who want to do away with the lovely girls want to usher in a new era of puritanism and cast the girls as victims. But the rest of us see the girls for what they are: strong young women trying to build a career for themselves.

We appreciate the witty quotes attributed to the girls, displaying the sort of uniquely British humour first made popular by the once equally contentious Monty Python, and now revered around the world.

So, Dominic, ignore the naysayers. Ignore the curmudeonly masses determined to make Britain a less vibrant, less quirky place. Keep the page three girls exactly where they are.

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