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Windsor is a family town and the Town’s Budget should reflect this, but it does not.

As elected officials, you have a duty to represent the people who elected you, Windsor residents.

Your vision for Windsor should not supersede Windsor residents’ and your personal gain should not be a priority over residents’.

Residents were made promises:

A walking/bike bridge to unite East and West

A community pool/center

Instead residents are getting:

A roundabout the majority of residents don’t want.

Possibly another hotel and are losing a public library and gym that are utilized.

Rescind the budget! We already wasted funds on a shuttle we didn’t need and a cheesy cheese sculpture. We do not want another roundabout that cost millions and we do not want to become another entertainment destination when traffic and parking is already an issue. We want a walking/bike bridge that unites East and West and a community center with a pool or splash pad. We need more gyms for active kids, not less.

This is a family town and our families deserve better.