Domestic violence in the family court

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This petition is about how the family courts are not taking domestic violence seriously, my sister managed to escaped the years of abuse only to be dragged into court by her abuser who has the courts supporting his needs to continue controlling and abusing her.

This father had children every weekend and half of all holidays, he abducted the children after a routine weekend visit, got an emergency residence order and my sister was subjected to supervised visits because She suffered from depression in the past that he caused. Her doctors, children's school, family support workers, health visitor, midwife, neighbors, family, friends and other mums from children's school all wrote statements on behalf of her to point out how great she was as a mum and yet the court's decision is that it's better to be a perpetrator of domestic violence than to be depressed. The discrimination was even highlighted in the perinatal midwife's statement, warning them of the implications.

Judges need to be aware of domestic  violence as abuse and mental health as an illness, there seems to be no understanding of the two and the secrecy of the family court is outdated in a country where the law of the land is supposed to be advanced. Parents are getting abuse rubber stamped by the very judges we trust to have the best interest of the children, they should dknow the difference between a father who just wants access and one that just wants to control their victims.

There are many fathers out there fighting for access and would've been happy to have the time my brother in law was offered before even the involvement of the family court and it now seems she's been punished for not taking him to court first, any sensible judge would commend her for keeping her children out of the court room all these years, the system needs change fast because the victims that suffer the most in a court battle are the children. I have seen my sister's children twice in the past nine months and these are the children who I witnessed their birth by playing birthing partner to my sister because their dad was too angry about the pregnancies. But the law now says he is more deserving of havng them than all the family members who cared for them from day one. How is that fair?

we need judges to be trained to spot abuse and have awareness about mental health, we need transparency in the family court so that mistakes can be rectified. We need these changes or we would be forced to face a future generation that are going to be emotionally and psychologically damaged by the wrong decisions judges make on behalf of their so called best interest in the family court.

My sister just received the court ordered psychiatric evaluation report, well the evaluation concluded that she was mildly depressed and that it understandable given the nature of the proceedings. Even though my brother in law lied about the diagnosis and now the judges are still defending his controlling behaviour.