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Domestic Fox Legalization


For about 50 years, a facility in Novosibirsk, Russia called the Institute of Cytology and Genetics has been selectively breeding the tamest fur farm red foxes (vulpes vulpes). By tamest, we mean most fearless toward humans, nonaggressive toward humans, and most interested in human interaction. After many generations of continuing to breed only the tamest animals from their litters, they've observed profound physical and behavioral changes, including (but not limited to) tail-wagging, piebald coats, curled tails, blue eyes, increased intelligence, and a dog-like desire for human contact and attention.

In order to keep funding, the Institute sells the tame foxes as pets. Unfortunately, the project is SO broke that it has turned to selling these fox for their fur as a last resort. If these perfectly safe domestic fox we legal as pets in all 50 United States, we could help save the lives of thousands of fox. They are no more dangerous to humans or the natural wildlife than the average dog. They come to America already immunized and spayed/neutered.

I hope that eventually all domestic fox, including the tame (that is, not genetically domestic)  fox from breeders will be made legal in ALL states.

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