Stop dolphin and whale captivity/slaughter

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I am creating this petition to send to the Prime Minister of Japan to plead with him to stop dolphin hunting, killing and captivity.  These hunts can kill pods of up to 50 dolphins and whales in one hunt. Just the other day a calf was separated from its mother and killed. On this occasion the dolphins were killed and will be passed off as whale meat to sell in Japan. The dolphin and whale hunting season begins Sept 1st and goes until March 1st.  Every day the boats head out in search of whales and dolphins capturing and killing over 1700 in one season. Please consider signing my petition so we can get through to the people of Japan that this is wrong and it needs to stop. The dolphins that have their lives spared are taken into captivity and sold to marine parks, aquariums and swim with dolphin programs.  That is no life for the highly intelligent, highly social mammals.