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Make Max Steel 2 Happen!

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2016's Max Steel may be flawed, but it showed potential and a sequel may give a breath of life into a film that was never given a chance.

After seeing the film on October 14, I was shocked knowing that the film had 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. While not being good, it was not the worst thing ever. It was a very middling film that I enjoyed well enough. 

I saw a lot of potential in the film that I don't think a lot of people were allowing themselves to see. I think many people were biased by the fact that it was a toy movie. Yes. Toy movies on average suck. But I give it to this one for at least trying to have an actual story. 

I think the 2nd film would have to go for a more action based approach. It would also need to serve as a soft reboot so that we can move past some of the more baffling choices the film makes. A more fun and lighter tone that more closely resembles the show might also help the film.

So if you would be interested in seeing this film made, sign the petition. Let's give Max Steel a chance.

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