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Save Bideawee at Westhampton, NY

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Dear Ms. Swirin-Ya and the Bideawee Board of Directors, 

I adopted my dog Cami, a Shepherd Husky mix, in June of 2016. Cami had been brought up from Alabama with siblings and was found to have a heart condition once she had undergone anesthesia during her spay. Thank goodness for your doctors in the Westhampton Animal Hospital who pulled her out in time. She was rushed to the NYC Bideawee hospital for a different type of anesthesia so she could be spayed and put on expensive medication. For 8 months she sat unadopted, but she attended many of Bideawee’s events at wineries, puppy paintings and the like in the Hamptons and Long Island areas. Your trainer, Mr. Michael Rueb, used Cami to teach other dog trainers how to work with their furry clients and even utilized her in socializing with new dogs that entered the Bideawee facility, he had told me. Mr. Rueb gushed about how smart and delightful she was to train. Even famous singer, Gloria Gaynor, posted on Twitter about Cami, a few weeks before I adopted her. Cami was cleared of her heart condition at the time I adopted her.

Ms. Gloria Gaynor's Twitter Post in Support of Bideawee and Cami

Each time Cami and I visit the animal hospital in Westhampton, every two or three months, she enjoys the stroll up the hill to visit her favorite volunteers. These visits are such a treat for Cami, she pulls me in excitement towards the doors when she picks up the scent of the familiar smells and hears the loving voices of your staff. My story of Cami is only one of the many beautiful adoption stories your organization and Westhampton location has created. Many of my family members and friends have adopted their furry children from Bideawee and anyone I speak to has heard the name before.

It feels almost apocalyptic to hear that the land at Bideawee’s Westhampton location has gone up for sale without a word. The fate of the adoption center, pet cemetery and even the animal hospital on site is unknown. What more could an animal lover such as yourselves ask for in one location? You offer so many services that are truly invaluable and appreciated by the Long Island community that it would break hearts to see it fade into absolution.

If you truly believe in Bideawee’s mission of being the “Greater New York’s leader in rescuing, caring for, and placing homeless cats and dogs with people who love them”, then do not take this facility away from the community, families and volunteers who have put their hearts, blood, sweat and tears into this location for so many years. There are so few shelters left on Long Island that put the care and consideration into each animal that walks or is carried through the doors of the Westhampton location. Your staff takes their time to make sure the right animal goes home with the right person, they watch carefully through the glass playroom windows to observe the behaviors of both potential family members as they did with me and Cami.

I’ve been to local animal shelters where the dogs are shoved two into a crate, the smell of urine and feces permeates the air and new pet parents are calling to complain that their furry babies have worms or kennel cough. This is not the case at the Westhampton Bideawee location. Animals are not only walked around the campus for extended amounts of time but are brought into mini dogs parks to play and socialize with both dogs at the shelter and the human volunteers. You can even see the gentle actions and hear the passion in the voices of the knowledgeable staff at the animal hospital who also look after the shelter pets in addition to alma mater animals and community member's furry children.

As you know, Bideawee never turns animals away and does what it can to provide and protect them. We, the community of Long Island and the state of New York are asking you to do the same for us. Please continue to provide and protect the animals which we cannot in your Suffolk County location. Please allow homeless, unwanted or neglected animals to have a second chance in your caring, clean and warm facility at the Westhampton location. Do not shut the doors, do not sell the Bideawee location to any investor that has no qualms about turning it into a shopping center or cold and indistinguishable condominiums.

Ms. Swirin-Ya's bio on the Bideawee website states her to be “an avid animal lover who understands the importance of the bond between people and pets.” We couldn’t agree more with your personal values and ask that you allow us to find other ways to assist you in keeping the doors of the Westhampton location open should the issue be monetarily based. We are petitioning against the sale, potential closing/uncertain future of our beloved Westhampton Bideawee Animal Shelter, cemetery and animal hospital.

 Thank you,

The Long Island and New York State Communities

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