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Dollar Stores: Phase out toxic chemicals found in your products and stop exposing your customers, their children, and your employees to unnecessary risks.

Hi, my name is Jennifer Beals. I’m an actress, a mom, and an advocate for making the world a safe place where children can thrive. When I was a kid, I often went to dollar stores in my neighborhood because my family didn’t have enough money to shop elsewhere, and I know millions of American families are in the same boat.

I learned from a new report by the Campaign for Healthier Solutions that 81% of the products tested from several Dollar stores contained toxic chemicals that link to learning disabilities, brain development, cancer and other serious illnesses.

I can’t imagine my child being exposed to such terrible chemicals at such a young age because companies are not standing behind their responsibility to protect consumers. That’s why I’m calling on Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and 99 Cents Only to stop the sale of products with hazardous chemicals--right now.

These discount chains have combined sales totaling more than $36 billion and operate more stores across the nation than Walmart. They often serve communities of color or low-income neighborhoods, where many people are frequently exposed to chemical hazards and don’t have access to the fresh foods and quality medical care that support healthy living.

The good news is that there are a growing number of mainstream retail brands – including Target and Walmart – responding to consumer demand for safer products by replacing dangerous chemicals with safer alternatives.

This is not simply a toxic chemicals issue, it’s a social justice issue. These stores must do better. Sign our petition to the Dollar Store CEOs’ and ask them to require their suppliers to disclose chemicals in products, find safer alternatives, and phase out the most harmful chemicals.

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