Dollar General stop selling eggs from battery cages

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I grew up shopping at the bargain retail chain, Dollar General, because I've never had a lot of money and I love finding a great deal. But after learning that this chain supports cruel cage farms for egg-laying hens, I’m taking my hard earned dollar elsewhere. Both Dollar Tree and Family Dollar have committed to going 100% cage-free; but Dollar General refuses to transition to cage-free facilities. 

The majority of the eggs Dollar General sells are produced in factory farms where hens are forced to live in a space the size of an iPad. These beautiful birds are unable to participate in any of their natural behaviors such as stretching their wings or pecking at the dust looking for bugs. Hens outperform both cats and dogs on tests of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional complexity. As a result, I will no longer shop at Dollar General until it abolishes this inhumane practice in its egg supply!

Please sign my petition urging Dollar General to end its support of farms that cage egg-laying hens.

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