DIRECT your Dep. of Justice to file criminal charges of mortgage securities fraud NOW, against the bank officers named in Big Bank whistleblower evidence, which the DOJ has had since 2010, before the statute of limitations expires in 2015.

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DIRECT your Dep. of Justice to file criminal charges of mortgage securities fraud NOW, against the bank officers named in Big Bank whistleblower evidence, which the DOJ has had since 2010, before the statute of limitations expires in 2015.

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The statute of limitations is up this year, 2015, for many of the mortgage securities frauds that were epidemic across Wall Street before 2008. When the frauds blew up, they were a major reason the global economy collapsed in 2008.

Alayne Fleischmann, of JP Morgan Chase,  Richard Bowen of Citigroup and other Big Bank whistle blowers, have already provided evidence to the Dept. of Justice sufficient to successfully criminally charge, and prosecute, the bank managers, supervisors and officers identified in their written evidence, subpoenas and testimony, which reveal the securities fraud.  Ms. Fleischmann and Mr. Bowen tried to stop the frauds, with no result.  

They have come forward publicly to ask, "Why isn't the DOJ acting on the evidence I gave them?"

They know the statute of limitations is expiring soon!

Remember, no matter what the Supreme Court tells you; Corporations are not 'people'.  Banks don't commit crimes.  Bank officers do.

Banks can not protect themselves from criminal bank officers. Only law enforcement can. 

The Atlanta school administrators and teachers recently convicted of fraud were sent to jail, because fraud is a felony and because of the deterrence jail time provides.

Yet our DOJ has only asked Wall St. to pay civil fines. No criminal charges or prosecutions, yet.

For 7 years now, no deterrence has occurred, as evidenced by LIBOR, commodity, utility and currency rate rigging, and even money laundering, all since 2008. For all of these felonies, only a fine was asked.

Thanks to criminal referrals and prosecutions in the 1980’s and 1990’s, juries criminally convicted over 800 senior bank officers for fraud in the S+L crisis alone, but also top executives in the Enron and WorldCom scandals. These bank officers and corporate executives lost their jobs, returned  their bonuses, which had been based on their frauds, paid personal fines, and went to jail.

There is plenty of 'slam dunk' evidence. The only thing lacking is the political will. 

That’s were we need you.

Only political courage and leadership from the President will effect any change.  

The US Attorney General is appointed by the President, and the President sets the agenda.  To date, Pres. Obama has not even TRIED to use his bully pulpit to improve the safety and soundness of our financial system.

Leaving Wall Street lawless guarantees another, bigger, economic disaster. 2008 is estimated to have cost the US 21 Trillion!

Our NEW AG, Loretta Lynch, let HSBC's American division get away with a fine after pleading guilty to money laundering  $800 million dollars through their US branches for the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico.  

We need our Presidents and Congress to get serious about who they appoint to the top law enforcement job in our country! This must be an issue in the Presidential debates in 2016!

By signing this petition, you can help influence the President and the Chairs of the Senate Banking Committee who have oversight of Wall St regulators, directly, to do the right thing, for our economic security, BEFORE the statute of limitations runs out this year.

Issue videos below:

See Alayne's first interview here: Nov. 2014 35 mins.

Just pull the time ball through the breaks.....

Feb. 20, 2015  10 min. Canadian TV

Alayne Fleischmann and William Black, on the documentation of securities fraud currently held by the DOJ, but the lack of political will to criminally prosecute individuals.

October 2014 William Black, former bank regulator, who successfully prosecuted over 800 top banking CEOs in the 80's early 90's.  Discussing current lack of Presidential leadership on prosecuting fraud and other illegal activities on Wall Street.

25 mins

Alayne in one of her interviews said we should  call/email our Washington DC senators and reps from your state and tell them we want them to do something before the statute of limitations runs out this year.  I did.

Will you? We need to make a RUCKUS!

Find your senators by state here:

Find your Representative by zip code here:

Email or call them.

If they hear from 5 people on the same issue, they consider it a major issue!

And share this petition on Facebook. Email to friends and family.

We'll need 100,000 signatures to get any action.

Thank you for standing up.



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This petition had 740 supporters