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Dogs Crated Among Trash In Storage Container. Food & Water Deprived! Urge Charges Filed!

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Irrefutable photographic & video evidence support the cruel and inhumane conditions endured for several months by four dogs belonging to "Ben" located at (# omitted) N 12th Street, Lebanon, PA.  Despite multiple complaints, animal cruelty charges have not been issued by Lebanon Humane Society (LHS) ACO, Mr. Kevin Gonzalez or Lebanon Police Chief, Daniel Wright. 

Multiple photos & witness accounts revealed an outside metal shed with three dogs seemingly stored within pet crates.  The fourth dog was tethered to a corner with room to merely sit or lay down.  Household trash and debris appeared strewn and stacked atop the dogs' crates within the hot, unventilated metal storage container.  

Despite multiple complaints made to LHS and the respectful intervention by two Good Samaritans, Mr. Gonzalez condoned the conditions.  However, as of 8/5/11 and secondary to public outcry, two of the dogs were "given to family members", and the remaining two are kept at the location, albeit one is said to be crated within the home, the other chained outside. 

Notably, and of public record, was the interaction between Ben and one of the Good Samaritans, "T".   Ben allowed T visual access to the dogs.  Her request to remove the dogs for foster/rehoming purposes was rejected.  Among the abhorrent observations, most notable was the absence of food and/or water.  When T asked Ben about the dogs' food, he responded to have none, and one "can't buy dog food with food stamps".  He was unable to recall when they'd last eaten or drank.  T provided Ben with dog food.  None of the dogs were sexually altered, and Ben stated his goal is to "breed" them.  Shortly thereafter, T informed Mr. Gonzalez of LHS of the inhumane living conditions, Ben's admission of food/water deprivation and requested intervention on behalf of the dogs - his response was "don't tell me how to do my job". 

Our Goal

Citing PA Animal Cruelty Law Title 18-Section 5511 and its criteria, we urge Lebanon, PA Police Department and/or LHS to rightfully charge "Ben" with four counts of animal cruelty relative to the cruel conditions identified and the admitted deprivation of adequate food and/or water endured by the four dogs under his care prior to 8/5/11. 

Secondly, all dogs currently under his 'care' and or 'ownership' and the two dogs 'given to family members' on 8/5/11, be removed from their current envionments for medical assessment and transferred to competent & humane foster care home(s). 

Lastly, we request an escalated review of Mr. Kevin Gonzalez and all pertinent materials/conversations relative to his professional competence, actions and responses related to this case to either affirm or negate his professional compliance to the statutes and criteria defined by LHS in his capacity as an appointed LHS Police Officer.


Lebanon, PA Video link

For additional information, please review the article authored by Amy Rossi.

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