Punish the boys who abused a poor puppy and took videos

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Hi, this is priya here,today morning me with some of my friends went on patrol of animal rescue (as we are volunteering in Street dog shelter on weekends) we got a call from a nearby location reporting  dog abuse by a group of boys, so we went there immediately and found a gang of three boys abusing a puppy by using a kitchen knife to make him bleed,and making video of his cry and pain,we were shocked for a second on seeing this,without wasting a minute we had managed to stop the boys from hurting that pup and took him away from them, poor pup he doesn't know what's happening to him he was crying in pain  then we had split into two teams ,one to get the pup to the nearby vet and another team to take action and get the identity of those boys, as this happend in a remote are there is no nearby vet or shelter so that we had contacted the emergency helpline of SDS and waited for them to arrive  we reached SDS by 3pm today they gave first aid and stopped bleeding but unfortunately the pup was unable to move any of his legs or wag his tail the pup has a very deep injury in his neck side and head on seeing this some them in SDS said that he may be in partial paralysis due to the injury ,as this was a Sunday there is no vet service or radiologists nearby,so they sedated him to reduce his pain  but (Guru Founder of SDS) strongly said that this may be temporary paralysis and he would be fine after proper treatment and medication  with a little hope given by him i had left the shelter for today,after getting back to home i had contacted my friends for the identity of those boys,they were found as sanjay,jendram and ragu who belongs to a local slum and also found that they had already uploaded some videos on this cruelty on social medias,but due to holiday we can't file any complaint in the animal welfare and protection board but we have planed to go for it tomorrow so I request you guys to Sign maximum and Share maximum to get a maximum punishment for animal abusers 

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