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Please support members of Grup Yorum imprisoned in Turkey, for their fight but also for the values ​​they defend such as democracy or freedom of the press, sign the petition to demand their release.

Eleven members of the group are currently imprisoned in Turkey. The Turkish government is increasingly repressing youth, workers, lawyers, journalists and, as a general rule, the entire population who dare to question its policies. Since the failed push of July 2016, the state has declared a state of emergency to justify the purges put in place and the imprisonment of thousands of people.

Grup Yorum has become legendary and supports the struggle of the Turkish and international populations. The group has combined the contentious sense of music with traditional melodies. Internationalist, Grup Yorum also sings in Kurdish, Zazaki, Arabic, Circassian as well as in all the languages ​​spoken in Anatolia.

Since its inception in 1985, Grup Yorum has been a committed music band present in all fights. Its members support student, worker and peasant movements. They sing for all the oppressed peoples and their struggle worries the system currently in place in Turkey. And for that, beyond the censorship, the torture and the prison, they have undergone more than 400 lawsuits. Despite the permanent repressions, GrupYorum still exists and will continue to be because it’s the tool of collective consciousness. It’s the voice of peoples, of hope in struggle and resistance. It’s the voice of belief in a better future.

The band was also able to release 25 albums and sold more than two million copies. Although it’s now banned in its country and in Germany. To date, whether in Turkey, Europe or in the world, it has been able to fill the stadiums and gather hundreds of thousands of people of multiple origins. And that's why Grup Yorum remains under Turkish government repression.

In Turkey and abroad, the Ministry of the Interior has recently placed people on five lists of "wanted terrorists" thereby encouraging the hunt for political opponents on the ground across Europe. As part of this witch hunt, six Grup Yorum musicians have their names added and are currently sought after by the Ankara regime. In addition to attacking members of the group, the state has also repeatedly searched the cultural center of Idil in Istanbul, destroying their premises but also their instruments. But it can’t destroy one instrument that of the voice of a people, it will continue to call out the oppression of the Turkish state. And it’s not by attacking the physical integrity of a person that the state can destroy one values and ideology.

Support Grup Yorum
and sign the petition for their release