Dog theft is serious, it causes families a lot of pain.

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The Honourable John Quigley ML is the Attorney General in WA.  I believe it is in his power to look into the penalty for stealing dogs, a legal matter.

When a dog is lost most people do the right thing and call the Ranger or take the dog to the local vet so its microchip can be read and the dog returned to its owner. The same would apply to cats as well.  Most people are good people and do the right thing and then there are those who are not good people.

Some people keep the dog, tie it up in on their property and call it their own or use the unfortunate dog in illegal dog fights, either as a fighter or as bait.

If a dog thief is caught in the act the penalty is only a maximum of 12 months in prison and most offenders would receive only a minimal fine.

I believe that the penalty for any crime should be in proportion to the impact that action has had.  Taking a family dog brings great grief to a family.  Yet it does not attract a significant penalty because the law does not take the loss of a pet seriously.  In many people's lives, their pets are akin to being their children.

The law needs to be reviewed and hardened.