Justice for Willie & Other victims

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Little Willie was taken tragically from this world March 25th, 2020 in a horrific incident, that should not have happened. Willie was a victim of a negligent dog owner and KNOWN dangerous dogs! The owner was charged, and the dogs on a 10-day home quarantine. Court won't be for a few months, this SOB and his dogs will be out to harm other dogs and people in 10 days! This is not right! The community where this SOB lives, is fearful to walk in their neighbourhood. People carry bear spray and knives to protect themselves from these particular dogs and arrogant owner.

For the safety of the community and surrounding areas, please sign this petition to make a difference. There needs to be more done, to protect the people from dangerous dogs and irresponsible dog owners.

Please sign this petition to help achieve the goal of getting these dogs removed immediately.

Please help get justice for Willie and other victims!