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IMPORTANT UPDATE (Dec. 23. 2014);

The central theme underlying most of Stand Up for Dogs’ petitions – including the one below -- is that the mammoth $55.7 Billion/Yr. U.S. Pet Industry heavily influences what initiatives national (and local) humane organizations, animal care & control agencies, etc., undertake and what they do NOT undertake.   PLEASE ESPECIALLY NOTE THE SHOCKING 2013 ARTICLE BY THE WELL-RESPECTED ANIMAL LEGAL DEFENSE FUND (ALDF ) WHICH FOCUSES ON THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB (AKC), AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (AVMA)…”…AND OTHER PET INDUSTRY GROUPS”:


Those humane organizations and other organizations effectively become part of an ‘Extended’ Pet Industry’ working, in many ways, to the detriment of millions of companion animals throughout the U.S.   This is addressed in the following blog at (these blogs are in ‘date order’; the condensed version is the Nov. 5, 2014 blog and the full version is the blog dated Oct. 31, 2014).:




Signing the petition below signifies your support, i.e. that you’ve ‘taken this pledge’ to: 1. Adopt first; 2. Not buy from breeder internet ads; 3. Not Buy from ANY breeder….”UNTIL   “.   (For the rationale and need to focus on ALL breeders, see the Dec. 2, 2013 blog "Why Breeders Should Want Regulation" at ). 

The purpose of this initial petition is to focus widespread attention on indiscriminate backyard breeders (‘BYB’s’) as a major source of shelter intake, impoundment trauma and…all too often…“euthanasia”. 

While this petition is addressed non-specifically to "DOG LOVERS EVERYWHERE", U.S. recipients of petition signatures include the executive and upper management of four national humane organizations and the National Animal Control Association.

Taking the following pledge and helping to spread it and the following web site addresses globally... via social networking and email... is a critically important step in stopping BYB’s.   To comprehend the potential reach and power of this ‘mere’ pledge (especially the THIRD element of the pledge), see NOTES 1 and 2 following the petition (“pledge”) below. 

For strategies and 'tools' to stop irresponsible backyard breeding, see:  (keep "drilling down" within the Backyard Breeding issue/"tab");  and also see the blogs under the BLOGS section/"tab" .   The June 30, 2014 blog: "POINT-OF-SALE-OR-TRANSFER LICENSING ENFORCEMENT ASSISTANCE ... COMPLETE 3-ELEMENT PRESENTATION" describes how this operates as a fast-acting "ratchet"; note there how grass roots advocacy for this “POSTLEA” process and implementation of the 'RED ZONE', i.e. "THE KEY TO STOPPING IRRESPONSIBLE  BYB'ING OF DOGS" can increase dog licensure and readily be adapted to locating backyard breeders.  POSTLEA also can serve as a base for more universally justifying breeder regulation ordinances to municipal officials and enforcing such ordinances. 


We urge you to ‘Take the following (Three Part) Pledge by signing this petition:

1.  I Pledge to adopt my next dog or puppy from a shelter or reputable rescue organization. 

However, in the event I’ve made every effort…. but still am unable to find a suitable shelter or rescue dog/puppy,…THEN….

2.  I Pledge NOT to buy from any breeder or seller who advertises the puppies or dogs on the internet (the International Federation of Animal Welfare/IFAW recently issued a comprehensive report indicating internet ads are very likely to be used mostly by puppy mill sources)… AND….

3.  I pledge to NOT acquire any dog or puppy from ANY breeder, including local breeders, UNTIL the entire 'Extended Pet Industry' (see Dec. 31, 2014 UPDATE at the top of this petition and also see NOTE 1 BELOW) PRO-ACTIVELY

 A. lobbies all 3 levels of government to elevate the legal status of companion animals (dogs and cats) well above that of mere ‘personal property’, such as a suitcase or rubber tire; AND....

 B. petitions municipal governments everywhere to 'Reinvent' Animal Control (a major "Animal Control 'Paradigm Shift' overhaul) by promulgating enforceable regulations, i.e.: minimum standards of care, maximum allowances for number of litters, minimum intervals between the times a female is bred, and requirements for posting the license numbers of female dogs when publicly advertising litters for sale.  (SEE NOTE 2 BELOW)....

NOTE 1:  A growing economy depends upon the “multiplier effect”, i.e. the spending of one person fans out to 10 and the spending of 10 out to 100, etc. Pro-actively reducing expenditures by those who otherwise would be buying newly bred dogs (dogs reproduce, of course, at geometric/exponential reproductive rates with very short breeding cycles) will foster a REVERSE multiplier effect that will very quickly reverberate as an economic contraction throughout the derivative pet industry; in the U.S., this is an annual $55.7 billion industry that has had years of uninterrupted growth (see ) . This may well be the ONLY way to bring sufficient focus to this issue….consumers have the unassailable right not to buy puppies or dogs from breeders/sellers.  Even then, subsequent coordinated national boycott(s) may be necessary (for a discussion as to why this must address ALL breeders, please see the Dec. 2, 2013 blog "Why Breeders Should Want Regulation" -- to navigate to this blog, see the first paragraph of this petition).

In September 2013, the HSUS estimated that 47 percent of U.S. households own at least one dog.  Even if only a small fraction of these millions of households were engaged to support boycotts of breeders, what a powerful leveraged force this ‘moral persuasion’ could be! 

NOTE 2: Unfortunately, the number of municipal ordinances regulating breeders in the U.S. currently comprises an extremely small percentage of our municipalities nationwide.  For a state-by-state listing and summary highlights of existing ordinances (possible models for your community) see   


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  • Deputy Director, Animal Legal Defense Fund
    Nicole Roth (Deputy Director, Animal Legal Defense Fund)
  • Media Relations Manager, Animal Legal Defense Fund
    Megan Backus (Media Relations Manager, Animal Legal Defense Fund)
  • President, ASPCA
    Matthew Bershadker
  • Sr. VP Programs & Innovations, HSUS
    Holly Hazard
  • President, NACA
    Todd Stosuy
  • VP of Companion Animals, HSUS
    Betsy McFarland
  • Sr. VP Campaigns & Outreach, HSUS
    Heidi Prescott
  • Sr. Director, ASPCA
    Jill Buckley
  • Puppy Mill Campaign Coordinator, ASPCA
    Cori Menkin
  • Sr. VP Community Outreach, ASPCA
    Julie Morris
  • Sr. VP Government Relations, ASPCA
    Nancy Perry
  • President, Maddie's Fund
    Richard Avanzino
  • President, PETA
    Ingrid Newkirk
  • President, HSUS
    Wayne Pacelle
  • All dog lovers

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