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Save a dogs life, stop the Council bullying owners, get the law & rights enacted correctly

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My dog is being held captive at the pound and council are determined to destroy her. She is an awesome, intelligent and remorseful dog. She knows she did wrong though the person's (who was bitten on the hands) human error was also admitted. This has been going through the court system and the Judges keep declining us for an appeal to be heard properly and the errors of law to be heard and rectified. The council are just determined to kill my dog ZiaZia, though I want her home and safe. They have the whole way through denied to hear my story properly, trying to intimidate me & in the court inaccurately applied the law. They have reversed onus of proof and made it guilty til prove yourself innocent. Also applied strict liability on the case denying any defense anyway. I wasn't negligent with my dog and took reasonable care to ensure the person looking after her was fine to do so while I was away only 2 weeks and to follow feeding protocol while I was gone. They are convicting me even though I was not there. The person admitted human error when the incident happened and had confused my dog and had not gotten her to follow simple feeding time instructions. The council have just jumped on it and not given any leeway for further training, rehabilitation or anything. I was doing a lot of training and seeking outside help with my dog and we had come through to a good point past the trauma of when she herself had been attacked previously and also other anxiety issues. She was not even 3 years old yet when this happened and was still a growing, learning dog. She is a sentient being, part of my family, loved and cherished and deserves a chance to show she is a transformed, healed and a good dog. I have throughout had a plan for safely taking care of her and steps and time until reintegration again though they refuse to submit it to the court or hear it. They are doing all they can to squash me and kill my dog. I need your help to get this problem fixed that has been affecting dogs and owners for 30 years now! It's a long standing problem set about in miscarriage of justice that keeps getting carried on. They don't want you to know about it. Though I do!! It affects ALL dogs and owners because they try to strip you completely of your rights. They tell me I have no rights, however we all have a right to be heard fairly and we are absolutely entitled under the Bill of Rights 1990. I want the court of appeal to grant leave (ie: to be heard), and the right to go through the Judicial Review Procedure. Which I am also entitled to. The courts need to enact the law correctly, not go off precendents set on inaccurate application and allow people their rights and understand there are differing circumstances for all. Also going to court could have been avoided had the Council some kind of intermediary step like a rehabilitation centre where dogs could be helped rather than a 100% get rid of dog mentality. Please help me to save my dog who is unable to have her voice heard. Her life is valuable. Everyone makes mistakes. No one is exempt. Love and compassion need to reign, there is no other way to heal this world than love for one another. Thank you! I appreciate your time, energy and effort to help. We are all worth it.

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