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Many of us have had to pay for repairs on our Dodge Ram vehicles because of faulty air suspension systems that do not preform well in cold weather. We have been sold vehicles that have systems that DO NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY in the cold weather. Once moisture gets into the air suspension system, it freezes causing many issues. We are looking to have Dodge Canada, FCA Canada,  Ram Trucks Canada to either pay for a system that works in our vehicles, or recall the air suspension system all together. We should not have been sold these vehicles if they’re going to stop working in the winter. Many of us have had this happen while within warranty and had it fixed. However, the problem keeps happening and we are shelling out thousands of dollars on a regular basis to get this repair. Please sign my petition if you have had an issue with your Ram Truck and would like to hold Ram trucks accountable for the faulty air suspension system! 

My complaint to FCA Canada:

“I washed my truck on Friday, November 29th. It was a cold day, approximately -17 degrees outside. When driving around on Saturday, November 30th, I noticed that my air suspension system was not filling with air. My dash screen in my vehicle said “immediate service / repair required” as well as a message saying that my air compressor needs to cool down. I immediately dropped my vehicle off at Londonderry Dodge. Londonderry Dodge service department followed up on Monday, December 2nd and gave me a quote of $4600 for the needed repairs. I was not happy with this and I had spoken with FCA Canada. They told me that the dealership would offer me a discount for the repair. They told me that there was fuses and relays that needed to be replaced as well as the air compressor pump had stopped working. After doing some research, I have learned that this problem is due to humidity being introduced into the air system. Also, the climate in Alberta is very cold and can also cause this to malfunction. It is malfunctioning once moisture freezes inside the air suspension system. I was not made aware of this when I made the purchase of my Dodge Ram 1500. I have taken my vehicle in regularly for service at this dealership, roughly once a year. This issue was never mentioned to me during the service of my vehicle. I have reached out to other Dodge Ram drivers of the same vehicle, and it seems to be a common issue with many air suspension systems in Dodge Ram vehicles. This is especially apparent in cooler climates. I was also told by other Dodge Ram owners, that they were given the option to put Alcohol in the system to prevent it from freezing. This was NEVER offered to me. Perhaps this could have prevented the issues that I am having now.
I also noticed that the quote that I was given was quite a bit larger than a few other people I had spoken to who had repairs for the same thing at Londonderry Dodge. I should NOT be responsible in paying for this repair due to bad design. All that had caused the issue was washing my truck. I have done all the necessary maintenance and repair of my vehicle thus far.”