Urge BC to enter a full lockdown

Urge BC to enter a full lockdown

10,713 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
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Started by Rachel Kenny

British Columbia has been enforcing strict Covid-19 measures since early November, including:

  1. You may not socialize with anyone outside of your household (with minor adjustments for people that live alone)
  2. A non-essential travel advisory
  3. Fitness and sports restrictions
  4. Mandatory masks in public indoor spaces
  5. No events or gatherings

However, despite these restrictions, COVID-19 cases have only continued to rise. It has become clear that the current measures are either not strong enough or not being enforced regularly. The solution: end long-term lockdowns with weak measures (i.e, you may currently be fined $230 for consuming alcohol at a licensed premise after 11:00pm, but not for taking a luxury vacation). Instead, put in place a short-term lockdown with STRICT, well enforced measures. Schools must be closed, malls must be closed or AT LEAST have their hours cut significantly, and travel does not get a free pass. Restricting one activity, such as visiting a classmate, while still sending students to school lacks logic and is inherently contradictory. You may not visit a friend at your own home, but you may visit them daily at school/work/public establishments.

Instead of trying to balance the economy with health measures, which ends up spanning months, we urge the government of British Columbia to put in place a complete lockdown. These measures would replicate the success seen in other places, such as New Zealand, or during our earlier months of “flattening the curve”. Our current system is clearly not working, and we demand that BC make a change.

10,713 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!