Do you know 1,47,825 people die on Indian roads every year?

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The Problem: Road traffic in India is pathetic. People drive the wrong side, ride triple seat, rash driving, no helmet, signal jumping, abrupt lane changes to name a few.

The result?: 

•There are approximately 1,47,825 people die in a road accident every year. (405 per day

•There are approximately 4,70,850 people injured road accidents every year. (1290 per day.) 

Just imagine how many families are affected.


Unless we change people psyche, things will not improve. Most of the time people are unaware of the consequences of the accident. Everyone tends to think this will never happen with me. We believe effective mass education is the key. 

To educate people quickly and effectively we propose: 

Showing curated 1 to 3 min real CCTV footage of the accident in Cinema theaters. 60 lakh people watch Cinema in movie theaters every day. Let people understand the dangers and causes of road accidents so that they can change their behavior on the road if it's risky.

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