Do you feel that Pat King is a political prisoner?

Do you feel that Pat King is a political prisoner?

June 13, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Convoy supporter, Pat King has become the scapegoat for the state. Being charged with perjury and obstructing justice is absolutely no reason to keep this man inside. Believe me, if King had been an organizer for some trendy progressive cause he would not have been inside for more than 24 hours if, in fact, at all.

It is absolutely shameful that he was denied his freedom. Heavens, people have been granted bail for far more dangerous crimes. Sadly, Mr. Freeze wants his pound of flesh and is determined to make an example out of Mr. King with the principal goal of deterring others who may want to go against his government.

Where is the Justice for our friend Pat King?

Man charged in Winnipeg car attack on convoy protest is radical far-left Antifa member - Feb 07, 2022 - Released on Bail

WINNIPEG, Manitoba – If being a radical, communist, socialist supporting groupie, Antifa terrorist was an Olympic sport – then Dave Zegarac would be taking home a medal. Unfortunately for Zegarac, the only thing he will be taking home is a rap sheet after being arrested and charged for the hit and run in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which many feel, was a targeted attack on protestors.

Four adult males taking part in a trucker convoy protest in Manitoba’s capital city were injured after a car plowed into the crowd. Three suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene and the fourth was taken to a hospital to be treated and was later released.

The incident was captured on video. A white jeep can be seen hitting one person before accelerating and hitting three more.

The driver of the vehicle then fled the scene. Zegarac was taken into custody an hour later after a brief struggle with police.

Police have provided a motive for the attack, and they have not charged him with a politically motivated hate crime.

Zegarac has been charged with four counts of assault with a weapon, two counts of dangerous operation of a conveyance causing bodily harm, dangerous operation of a conveyance, two counts of failure to stop after an accident knowing that the driver was reckless, and failing to stop at the scene of an accident.

In the time since Zegarac was taken into custody, much has been revealed that may shed some light on the question of why he drove his vehicle into a crowd of protestors.

Zegarac is a 43-year-old musician from Winnipeg who describes himself as Indigenous, Serbian and Irish is the frontman of Canadian punk bands The Brat Attack, Dead Peasants Revolt, The Black Mass Brigade, and Class War Kids.

His song lyrics deal primarily with anarchist politics.

He appeared in the documentary film “The Truth Is Disgusting” as a former member of Grandpa’s Army. Listen at your risk.

His Wikipedia page was reportedly deleted, but an archive of the original was still available. But a quick search shows that his page is back up with the addition of the hit and run to accompany his other not-so-boy scout material behaviours.

“Zegarac is an outspoken vegan and long-time Anti-racism activist. He is also a notorious confidence grifter, has had numerous rape allegations in every Canadian city he has lived in, and is most recently famous for driving his Jeep into a crowd of people,” his bio reads.

It appears as if someone has taken the liberty of editing his page for him while he was in custody.

According to Rebel News, Zegarac was featured in the alternative online publication, The Scope, which was published in April 2008. The publication noted Zegarac’s radical left-wing activism:

“The Applecart Collective is officially kicking off with a series of band shows for International Workers’ Day—more commonly known as May Day—featuring acts like Skull Face And Others, Are You Phobic, Adam Baxter, and Devastator.

Back in Davey Zegarac’s hometown of Winnipeg, there are massive protests in the streets every year, and actively political punk-rock scene, and a sizeable community of anarchists. So it’s not hard to see why he feels a bit restless here in St. John’s.

“I was surprised by the lack of activists when I got here. I get the gist that maybe Newfoundland is more community-oriented than Winnipeg. I mean, in Winnipeg, there’s a greater division between the haves and the have-nots,” said Zegarac.

They plan to organize band shows, distribute progressive literature, produce a zine, show films, host workshops, and maybe even start a lending library.
And since there’s no such thing as a hierarchy in anarchism, people can be involved any way they want—from contributing to the zine, to pursuing more radical activism.”

Journalist Andy Ngo took to social media to address Zegarac’s arrest.
Ngo states that Zegarac was the frontman of the Antifa punk band Brat Attack until the record label dropped the group because of multiple accusations of sexual assault against Zegarac in 2015. One of the accusers said she was only 13 when he groomed her and raped her.

You can find an archived conversation about and accusations made against Zegarac here, although we strongly attach a warning to the link. GRAPHIC LANGUAGE AND TRIGGER WARNING!

There is nothing benign about the music that Zegarac chose to create as most, if not all, are extremely political and violent in nature.

Zegarac’s YouTube channel features his music and performances. For example, a song from seven years ago called “Bash the Fash.”

In one Brat Attack song, titled Hey Harper You Anti-Choice Homophobe F**k, Die Die Die, a song referring to the former Conservative Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper. The lyrics are vile and hateful with extremely graphic language.

How big of an Antifa terrorist does one have to be to be disavowed by your own supposed community?

Andy Ngo reports that Winnipeg Punks, whose current avatar on Facebook is a crossed-out “convoy,” released a statement saying Zegerac was part of Antifa and Anti-Racist Action (another militant far-left, Antifa group), but that he was a “poser” and was “despised.”

The group states that Zegarac “is despised by every group or organization he’s ever claimed to represent,” making reference to Antifa. The anonymous post also referred to allegations levied against Zegarac that claimed he acted inappropriately with underage females in the punk rock scene.

It remains to be seen if this incident will be addressed as left-wing violence or if the facts, in this case, will get lost in all the noise.

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